Banregio was born in 1994, as a derivation of a need for specialized assistance. It began under the name of Banco Regional de Monterrey S.A.

It starts its operations on September 7, 1994. Its date of initiation being the previous February 14.

Currently it has more than 100 bank branches in Mexico and a total of 165 ATMs. It is also the third largest bank in Monterrey, Mexico.

It is focused on the banking of small and medium companies. This is private banking, consumer banking, factoring, leasing and people banking.

It is based mainly on progress thanks to its human resources. In the recruitment process combines the inclusion of people with a lot of experience and professionalism in the financial sector.

In addition to the hiring of highly professional employees, an extensive range of financial services and products of a modern bank are offered. It includes standardized times at service levels, comparable with those of banking in other countries.



Regarding its structure, in 2005 formed Grupo Financiero. It comprises the following companies:

  • Banco Regional de Monterrey S.A.
  • Bango Regional S.A.
  • AF Banregio S.A. of CV SOFOM ER
  • Services Banregio S.A. of C.V.
  • Live Financial Solutions, S.A. of C.V. SOFOM ER


Finally, it is committed to minimizing the risks of the institution and of the clients themselves regarding the operations they demand.


Head Office Address

Monterrey N. L. Avenida Vasconcelos 142 Ote. Col del Valle. San Pedro Garza Garcia,
Nuevo Leon, Mexico.


Information and contact information

  • Denomination: Banco Regional de Monterrey, S.A.
  • Entity CodeAddress Avenida Vasconcelos 142 Ote. Col del Valle.
  • Postal Code.
  • City San Pedro Garza García.
  • Nuevo Leon Province.
  • Country: MEXICO.
  • Telephone 52 81 83 99 8585
  • email
  • Website


Additional Information

  • Customer Support: 52 81 83 99 8585
  • Interior of the Republic: 01 800 226 73 446
  • From the United States and Canada: 1 866 43 20 550


Locations (Sucursales)

Finally, there are locations in the following provinces:

  • Cancun.
  • Chihuahua.
  • Guadalajara.
  • Leon.
  • Mazatlan.
  • Merida.
  • Mexico City.
  • Monterrey.
  • Tijuana.


Innovation and new image

The Mexican bank Banregio, presented its new corporate identity, in which it emerges from the traditionalist tendency of Mexican banks and interrupts with innovation. The project was carried out by the Mexican consultant Brands & People.

Banking in Mexico is a business of many years, which has been marked by crisis, scandals and regulation, and that led to an entire expropriation, and then privatization of all the banks in the country, which left mostly foreign hands to commercial banks that operate today.


Before after

Despite the context, with competitors such as BBVA, CitiBank and Santander, who control the 3 largest banks in this country, in 1994 a group of enthusiasts founded Banregio, a bank made in Monterrey, Nuevo León, whose inhabitants are called “regiomontanos”.

With a firm look towards the future, and today in a 14th position among the 17 largest banks in the country, BanRegio has always emerged as a medium-sized bank, but with great capacity to innovate.

Within its portfolio of products are credit cards that are called “anti-cards” for their characteristics without annuity, and no points: Attributes that have virtually all other credit cards in the country.

In addition, the bank recently launched a unique product in Mexico: Hey Banco, a 100% digital bank account backed by Banregio, which opens in just 5 minutes through an app. A promising opening time in a country of 129 million inhabitants, in which only 44% have a bank account.

Finally, this disruptive vision moved to its corporate identity. From a rough, wine-colored logo (who likes that color?) And without grace, they went on to a clean, friendly and orange one: A true revolution in Mexican banking.

This taking into account that in Mexico the banks look almost all the same: Either they are blue, or they are red. There is no innovation; And if you are like me, who evaluates a bank not for its interest rate, but for the design of its debit card, you are probably disappointed with the offers that Mexican banks have for you.


However, Banregio with this new launch, called “orange revolution”, becomes a respite for brand enthusiasts, and for the entire Mexican market itself, being a different bank, inside and out.

Orange will allow you not only to stand out in front of your competitors in visual terms, with more striking banking agencies compared to common colors, but also profiled you as a millennial bank, with its name entirely in lowercase, with a clean and fresh typography; and adapting to the latest brand design trends.

Now, Banregio must take advantage of this momentum, and grow even more in branches (which have a few fingers in many states of the country), and in customers. Something that they will probably bet now, without wasting time, with options for digital opening, home delivery of cards, and mobile self-service applications to do most banking operations without going to the bank in person. That goes that many times it is not pleasant to have to go.


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