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CIBC Online Banking

CIBC or Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce is one of the largest Banks in Canada.

When you need to focus on your finances and yet have enough time for your business, then this is everything you need.

It enables you to access and optimize your cash flow through a comprehensive suite of online cash management products and services as well s view your complete account information 24 hours daily.


It offers a secure yet user-friendly app and web-based platform that is adaptable to meet both your current and future online cash management needs.

Itprovides a platform on which you can better take control of your banking needs and run your business your own way.


Official Site




To sign in follow these steps:

  • Go to previous URL.
  • On the right side of your screen you will see the sign in zone (see image below).
  • Type your card number and your password. Then, click on Sign On.


Contact Info

CIBC offers online e-learning modules to users on which they can benefit from well-trained and knowledgeable staff between 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. (ET) every business day.

You can contact a Customer care representative at 1-800-500-6316.

In case you misplaced your card (lost or stolen) you can call 1-800-663-4575 if you are in the US or Canada or 514-861-4653 from elsewhere.


Operating hours

Being an online banking platform, it  operates 24 hours daily and does not have specific operating hours.

Key Features and Benefits

It offers the following features and benefits to users:

  • Ability to track expenses: it helps you to track trends in your expenditures by category, so as to monitor your transaction activities in real time.
  • Set up alerts: in case you don’t want to spend beyond a specified budget, it allows you to stick to your budget by setting up “Spend Alerts.” This will notify you when you’re nearing and when you have exceeded your specified budget.
  • Protect your credit: it has an alert system that notifies you of every change made to your credit report. This helps you to monitor any suspicious activity.


Other useful features include:

  • Ability to make Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments.
  • Make Bill payments.
  • Ability to make both domestic and international Wire Payments
  • Make electronic Funds Transfers (EFT)
  • Ability to obtain a comprehensive transaction report of your accounts
  • Transferring funds between both Canadian-dollar and USD accounts
  • Ability to check your recent transactions, available credit, account balance, and minimum payment due date.



The website comes with an advanced security feature that offers full protection to all of your personal and financial information in a secure environment so that you make our transactions with peace of mind. These security measures include:

  • Two-factor user authentication with a PIN, unique ID, and hardware token password
  • Flexible entitlements that enable role-based security and multiple approval levels
  • Audit activity reports detailing payment creation, payment approvals, and user log-in/out.
  • Ability to lock your credit card: should in case you misplaced your credit card. You can easily and instantly lock your credit card with just a few taps and when you find it, you can unlock it with ease.