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Commerzbank Online Banking


Commerzbank  provides tailored products of banking and offers expert financial advice. The internet allows you to manage money without stepping in a bank branch.  In fact, you can also review your bank statements, transfer funds, and pay bills in your own convenient time. There is no need for physical presence, you can use the mobile app or the website.


Official Site




Go to the website:


  • Look for the Login Button (see image above). Type your login name and pin personal number.
  • Click on Login Button


Support Lines phone number

The support lines can be reached through internet or phone, anytime

  • Online banking services: +49(0)69/98 66 09 33
  • Service time: Mon to Fri: 8 am to 6 pm:
  •               +49 69 136 805 27 (English)
  •                        +49 69 136 263 60 (German)

Functional hours

Functional hours offer the ease of using it anytime. It operates 24 x 7 and the services are quick.


Plus points


  1. Free of charge withdrawal

Regardless of the account you have, you can withdraw free of charge your money at any branch using the debit card.


  1. Plenty of ATMs

It has more than 9000 ATMs and this is connected to the Cash Group and so withdrawal is always a success.


  1. Free cash back

There is free cash back at Shell Petrol stations. There is a facility of PremiumKonto that allows withdrawing money without any charge even while abroad. Besides it also offers travel protection, but this facility must be bought.


  1. Security

It employs the latest Internet security measures. you can use mobileTAN and photoTAN that are the transaction authentication numbers that are newly introduced and feature innovative security measures. The advantages include:

  • No need for TANs paper-based
  • Encryption assures maximum security


photoTAN is actually a technology of Tomorrow available today on your mobile phone.

mobileTAN: Tried and tested.



Manage your accounts and organize easily your transactions now with just one click through "My Online Banking".  You can have the most important information and documents sent to the personal box conveniently.


There is the ‘My Inbox’ that features your transfers, account summaries, and template management. You can literally find all your transactions done here.


Through the website you can check your securities under investments. The control center allows customizing your internet access as per your personal needs. You can also have at a glance the tax information.


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