FirstMerit online banking – bank login – routing number

First Merit online banking is one of the best facilities offering up-to-date information. Users can find all the details at fingertips.

First Merit Bank was established in 1845. They provide a range of financial and banking services. It has more than 350 branches spread over and is headquartered in Ohio. With internet banking, you get to pay bills online or check your accounts, view check status, transfer funds, reorder checks, and more.

Now firstmerit it is called Huntington.


Official Site





  • Go to the homepage.
  • On the top right corner of your screen click on Login. This is for personal, small business and business.
  • Type your username and password. Then click on Log In.

If you are not a customer. Click o Enroll now to register.


Phone Number Customer Services

The phone numbers are:

  • 1(888) 554-4362 – customer service
  • (800) 480-2265  – 7 days, 24 hours
  • +1(616) 355-8828 – Outside the U.S


Routing Number

The routing number of Firstmerit Bank is 041200555

Commanding features


  1. Online & Mobile Banking

This is the right choice for individuals who wish to have internet banking services virtually available wherever they go. It offers the ease to use and make clear financial decisions.

Using internet and mobile banks you can view account statement, stop check payments, transfer money between accounts, receive account alerts, enjoy paperless statements, change mailing address, and view transaction history.


  1. Popmoney

This refers to an online payment done person to person such that you can request, send, and receive money from or to friends, family, or anyone. Popmoney offers the ease of sending money to anyone, and there is no need to visit the ATM to write a check or get cash to release payment.  

You get to schedule payments as future-dated. You must select ‘Pay People’ tab online to “send money or request money’ and give the contact information details and amount. Also, you or the recipient will receive an email or text with instructions, just follow it.


  1. Transfer Money

Move money between bank accounts or between non-FirstMerit accounts. The process is convenient and really simple. Here you can transfer immediately and also track the transfer activity. This is an environmentally friendly and faster method of moving money.


  1. Bill Pay

Schedule in advance the bill payments and also track the payment history. This is also a fast way of clearing your payments without delay.  It is cost-free, quick, convenient, no need to buy postage stamps and allows staying within the budget.


  1. Account & Security Alerts

You can stay informed about the activity of your savings, checking of accounts and money market as loans, credit cards, lines of credit, and more. You can receive free alerts by text message, email, or both. Receive text alerts for low balance having a transfer option, low balance, payment due, and alerts on opening the account each time.



  • Syncing with money apps:  The money apps get in sync automatically with the website. There are apps to work from your mobile device and home computer, so that you stay informed even on your go.  Having the syncing function helps you to update each day your accounts even by entering the accounts manually.
  • Stay protected: When banking on the website, you must be really careful. It is a must to ensure your privacy is not breached. It is a must to clear the cookies with each session of banking. So this is to prevent hacking. 
  • The website is secure as they put security first. The fraudsters are highly sophisticated that they capture even sensitive personal information, so follow the steps to stay and transact safe and secure.