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Things have changed drastically in the world of banking. Gone are the days when you have to go through the stress at the baking hall; these days, you can carry out several bank transactions without leaving the comfort of your home or office. You may not believe it, but these online-only banks help with direct deposit and remote check capture. In this write-up, you will learn about the best and their qualities. For personal customers, business and small business. 






This is one of the best around. It is the best choice for anyone looking for an internet bank that offers complete simplicity. It is among the newest online-only banks around but has already made a name for itself within the limited period it had been around. This is not just an ordinary mobile app thrown on the internet; it is designed to work for and serve the interest of the end user in the simplest manner imaginable.

It was established from scratch and also optimized for exclusive mobile banking. It is equally targeted at individuals that dislike the technological backwardness of the current industry and will like to adopt something more futuristic.

The app makes it easy to open an account directly online without stepping into any brick and mortar bank hall. You can also order your debit cards directly. What is more, you can pay your bills on the internet using the app. The fee schedule is equally transparent and gives the end user complete freedom to decide how much he plans to pay monthly.   




Are you looking for an online banking app that provides great interest rates?  Then, Ally is your best bet. Do you usually keep a higher balance in your bank account and searching for savings option with the real good interest rate on your savings? Then you should never hesitate to download and start using it exclusively online. You will not be charged for any maintenance fee, which is one of the features that make the app to stand out. Also, it will reimburse the ATM fees charged to your account by other banks!  

Additionally, the interest rate offered on your savings account is higher than what obtains on any other bank aired, be it online or offline. In recent times, it added a mobile check deposit to its app. Its services become even more convenient as a result.



This is the best choice for anyone involved in an occasional in-person transaction. The only difference is that you will never have to visit a brick and mortar bank hall to get things done; you can complete the entire transaction on your mobile device in the comfort of your home or office. USAA has several programs and services, with some of them made available to the members of the military and their family members. Some other unique features of this internet-only bank are highlighted below:

  • You can access a series of investment products here
  • You can also access most savings and checking products, each with a flexible plan for all.
  • They equally issue their credit cards to civilians.
  • The bank account you open with them included great perks that will not cost you anything extra.
  • They offer free savings and checking
  • They also offer free checks
  • The online bill pay process is equally free.

Once you open an account with them, you can transfer unlimited fund to any in the United States.

The benefits are simply endless.


Charles Schwab Bank

Are you looking for a bank that offers No Minimum Balance? Then this is the best for you. This unique feature means that you can withdraw all the money in your savings account without leaving a dime behind in the savings account. This is one of the features that have given this bank its place of importune among other online-only banks. They equally provide High Yield Investor Checking. Rarely will you find a checking account that can earn interest for you. Also, they do not charge any monthly service fee.

The customer will be given ATM rebates from any ATM globally. Also, they offer a complete access to mobile deposit and mobile bill. Furthermore, it will give you access to both mobile deposit and mobile bill pay services. Bear in mind that they equally give their clients a fee rebate from any ATM located anywhere


PNC’s Virtual Wallet


If you are looking for an internet bank that can make it easy to manage your money, then this is the best to consider. The mobile interface is among the best you can ever come by around. You will be provided with three ways via which you can group your money, which are:

  • Long-term growth
  • Short term savings
  • Everyday spending and bills

You can check your account balance, how much you have saved and how much you are spending using the Money Bar feature available on the app. The series of information provided by the Money Bar helps you to sit tight and reorganize your priorities. The platform is best for good savings, and great budgeting habits.

If you are lacking in these areas, the app can help resuscitate you. You can also use the digital calendar provided to simplify all your banking needs. The calendar can reveal to you all the history of your spending habits and remind you on time about tasks that you need to pay. You can set the calendar to also tell you when your account balance is nearing zero. The App can be downloaded for both Android and Apple operating systems so that it can be accessed by all.

The app is available everywhere you go. As a result, you can easily control your spending carry out other money management efforts on the go.


Are Online Only Banks Safe

The list we have reviewed above include safe and secure options. Surf its websites with security an safety.



The online only banks can take a lot of pressure and stress from the customer. It also ensures that you will never spend too long in a bank anymore as many transactions that may require a brick and mortar banking activities can. It can now be done via internet.


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