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RBC Online Banking


RBC Royal Bank of Canada gives you the chance to acquire data about your records and bank cards whenever you need. How does it work? It submits applications and performs standard managing an account exchange helpfully and safely. Therefore, you can easily access without visiting the offices because you can get your things done via PC or mobile gadgets.



Official Site




  • Go to the top right side of your screen and click on Sign in

  • In the next screen type your personal username and password.
  • If you are new you can enroll by clicking on Enroll Now button.


Customer Service

You can contact their official customer service number:

  • Debit Card: 1-800-769-2511.
  • Credit Card: 1-800-769-2512.


Operating hours

It is a protected, quick and advantageous services giving access to your financial balances. It operates 24 hours every day.


The advantages 


  1. Security

It utilizes a double system of security. It depends on an entrance secret key and an extra one-time secret key created by utilizing a token.

  1. Easy Access

No compelling reason to contact the Bank's offices.

  1. Functionality

Most standard bank exchanges can be performed by utilizing this website.

  1. Comfort

It just takes a few ticks to rehash these exchanges by saving the subtle elements of prior exchanges as formats.

  1. Adaptability

The chance to perform conceded exchanges or set up standing requests. This is by making routine exchanges programmed.



  • Easy application to check on accounts and transactions. Here, you can check on the transaction history and the status of the cash flow. It’s also accessible store accounts and relevant loan fees. Furthermore, you can check the current trade rates and make quick local or international fund transfer with minimum fees charged from the Bank.
  • Performing different managing an account activity with customer's records remotely. This is via transfer funds to accounts with different banks or to accounts held by different customers. You can also top up equalizations on the bank cards via the website. Next, you can set up or revise standing requests.
  • Submitting different applications and solicitations to the Bank. This procedure requires to submit applications for the issue, enactment or hindering of your essential or advantageous cards, for the issue of checkbooks drafts and for the halting of cheques. There is two-route contact with the bank through a protected informing system.



It gives two levels of security. This is to ensure exchanges performed by remote service channels. Therefore, in order to sign in, an entrance secret key known just to the client and one-time secret word is created by a token is required. This is only provided by the Bank. The purpose of the secret word is to confirm a valid transaction.

Furthermore, it utilizes current and compelling techniques to secure data submitted on the web. Thus, all data is exchanged through a special and ensured channel. Moreover, the system likewise contains extra security capacities.

They are programmed system disengagement if the customer is idle for a specific timeframe, the chance to look at the dates and times of past logons and the chance to change access passwords routinely. Last but not least, the chance to trade messages through secured channels of communication.


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