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Routing Number 124303120

The Routing Number 124303120 corresponds to Green Dot Bank.





Main contact information of the Bank is:

  • Address: 3465 E FOOTHILL BLVD
  • City: Pasadena
  • State: CA
  • Zip Code: 91107-0000
  • Phone Number: 888-297-8520


Other Routing Numbers for Green Dot Bank in Pasadena CA are:

  • 061120000
  • 124085024


The routing transit number also known as ACH ABA number is a nine-digit number that is used to identify a specific bank This number that can be obtained from the bank's receipts is necessary to complete an electronic transfer from bank to domestic bank, which is how Uphold transfers all amounts in USD below $ 38,000.

For these payments, we can only accept an electronic routing number (we can not accept wire or other routing numbers). Occasionally, banks will use the same ABA for ACH and wire payments, but when asked about an electronic funds transfer you should make sure that you specify that you want to send the transfer via ACH.

If you use the wrong number, the payment will not be lost, but eventually it will go back to Uphold. However, this can take some time and can cause avoidable delays, so it is best to do it correctly from the beginning.

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