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Santander Online Banking

Banco Santander was created in 1999 as a result of the merger between itself and Banco Central Hispano (BCH). It is the main head of the Group.





In 2008, it was the third largest bank in the world in terms of profits and seventh in terms of market capitalization.

In 2008, the Group reached an ordinary attributed profit of 8,876 million euros, 9% more than in 2007, excluding capital gains.



One of the main hallmarks of the Group is its international nature. It is reflected in the geographical diversification of its businesses in three major areas:

- Continental Europe: The main commercial units are the Santander Network, with 2,933 offices, and Banesto (1,915 offices) in Spain; Totta in Portugal, with 770 branches, and Consumer Finance, which is among the leading consumer finance entities in Spain, Germany, Italy and the Nordic countries.

- UK. After the acquisitions in 2008 of Alliance & Leicester and of the network of offices and retail deposits of Bradford & Bingley, it ranks as the third bank in the country by deposits, with a market share of 10%, 1,303 offices and 25 million Of customers. In 2008, the number of sales points was doubled.

- In Latin America  is the largest financial franchise in the region, with 6,089 offices. It holds leadership positions in the economies with the greatest potential such as Brazil, Mexico, Chile and Argentina. In Brazil, following the integration of Banco Real, it ranks as the third private bank in the country with 3,551 branches and 22 million customers.

In 2008 it marked another important milestone with the acquisition in the US of Sovereign. It has a strong presence in Commercial Banking in the Northeast of the country through 747 branches.

The Bank also has divisions that act on a global scale and that develop businesses of: Wholesale Banking (Global Banking & Markets), Asset Management, Insurance, Global Private Banking, and Means of Payment (Cards).


Customer Service

Customer Service Phone Number is 1 (877) 768-2265


Information and contact information

  • It is a retail banking company.
  • Commercial name: Banco Santander.
  • Entity code 0049.
  • Address Paseo de Pereda, 9-12.
  • Zip code 39000.
  • Santander City and Province.
  • Country Spain.
  • Phone: +44 800 917 9170.
  • Fax.
  • e-mail.
  • Web page.
  • Additional Information CIF: A-39000013.


Customer Type

There are three customer types: personal, business and corporate.



  • Checking Accounts.
  • Debit Cards.
  • Saving Accounts.
  • Certificates of Deposit.
  • Personal Credits.
  • Loans.
  • Mortgages.
  • Credit Cards.



  • Personal:
    • US:
    • UK:
    • Rest:
  • Corporate:
  • Business:


Bank Locations

  • 10 branches (service to Wholesale Banking): Beijing, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, London, Milan, NYC, Houston, Paris, Shanghai and Singapore.
  • 16 commercial banks: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Germany, Mexico, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Spain, Uruguay, USA, United Kingdom, China and Morocco.
  • More than 2,000 correspondent banks spread across 152 countries around the world.
  • 7 representative offices (service to International Private Banking): Bahamas, Geneva, Houston, Miami, NYC, San Diego and Seattle.

If you want to search the location near you check this:



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