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WestPac Online Banking

Westpac is an australian bank. The largest in Australia and the second in New Zealand.

It offers a high level of security with online banking. The App is enough for you to take your bank wherever you go. It is secure, easy, and convenient.

 The app and the website can be used to get your records data and using the bank card you can withdraw money anytime anywhere. Easy access is assured and there are no need to visit the Bank’s office as now the mobile or devices apps or PC is enough to do the transaction. Remember to keep your passwords and access codes private.


Official Site




You can login from the starting screen.

As you can see in the image below. Select your customer type from the drilldown and then click on Sign in.

You will have to type your used id and password to access.


Contact Details

  • Telephone Banking, 8am-8pm, 7 days 132 032


  • From overseas (+61 2) 9155 7700
  • For Premium customers Contact Premium



It  allows you to bank online and from your place, you can:

  • View transactions and statements . You can switch online and receive eStatements.
  • Transfer money to different or between accounts.
  • You can pay anyone instantly or transfer money overseas
  • Activate new card.
  • Card stolen or lost can be reported or place replacement card order through the website or the app.
  • Update your contact details, if you have changed the number.
  • Traveling overseas, notify when you travel so that you are away from fraud.


What’s New 

High security

You can get a free protection up to 5 devices for 6 months. The customers are given internet security for free for 6 months as a trial period. However, to access internet new services, ensure to use the recent version for the best online experience.


Reconcile for free

You may use the voucher image and view cheque to access the original deposit slip without any fee. The advantage is that it assists the reconciling transactions through deposit, cheque, and withdrawal slips.


Improved menu

You have a new menu for Administration and there is improved navigation to fulfill the administrative tasks. The usability is simple and it is not concealed under Services & Preferences.


The special keyword set up

A special keyword can be set up as an extra security layer during phone banking so that fraudsters do not lay hands on your identity. Call 132 032 and get it activated. Remember Customer ID as it will be retained only on your device.  


You can deactivate at any time ‘Remember Customer ID’ feature on a device by deselecting from the Live sign in the page this option. The iPhone and Android Mobile applications are available for use to Westpac Australia customers.

Security guarantee

Taking simple steps goes a long way in protecting from the internet fraud.

  • Protect your computer by installing security software and ensure the automatic updates are on.
  • Regularly scan your computer and do not compromise with security while you are performing the internet activity.
  • Keep your apps and operating system updated. Do not fall a victim for SMS phishing as these are attempts to capture sensitive information and passwords.
  • Protect your mobile device apps with a passcode.
  • Lost or changed mobile phone number, if so call Telephone on 132 032 and update your Protect- SMS Code details.


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